Random Thoughts

I hope things are as quiet where you are as they are here on the 81st floor of the Crossing Wall Street Tower.
Here are a few completely random thoughts for this morning. Do you realize that 2006 is already two-thirds over? That means this decade is also two-thirds over. Scary! We’re entering the late-aughts!
The yield on the 10-year T-bond (^TNX) dipped below 4.75% this morning. Wow. That’s a drop of 50 basis points since June. (Of course, June was way back in the mid-aughts, so that may explain it.)
Yahoo Finance has gone all blinky. Take a look. I think it’s a good thing, except it seems harder to scroll down longer portfolios.
One month ago, Wall Street was expecting a GDP report of 3% growth. It came in at 2.5%, and the S&P jumped 1.2%. Yesterday, the GDP report said “no, you were right the first time—it was 2.9%.” Yesterday, the S&P did nothing. Weird.
The Census Bureau came out with its big yearly report yesterday. You can geek out to the data. Here’s something that probably surprises most people, but not me. The median family income for Prince George’s County, MD is $74,767. For Orange County, CA, it’s $74,396. In other words, the PG is richer than the OC.

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