LoveLEHGirl Is Watching

The Wall Street Journal profiles Yolanda Holtzee, an “Internet investigator in sweatpants.”

Wall Street is full of corporate gadflies, many of whom agitate for corporate-governance reform or focus on arcane bylaw changes. Ms. Holtzee, a self-styled Internet investigator in sweatpants, focuses on exposing out-of-bounds behavior and catching bad guys. And after pointing regulators in the right direction more than once, Ms. Holtzee has achieved two things every gadfly craves: attention from those she targets — and action.
“I think people take her seriously because she has good instincts and actually produces cases,” says former senior SEC official Ari Gabinet, now an executive at Vanguard Group Inc., the fund management giant. “If I could have hired her, we would have had an endless stream of cases.”

Posted by on January 30th, 2007 at 1:24 pm

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