Patrick Byrne and Movie References

Overstock’s CEO, Patrick Byrne has already refered to one short-seller as the “Sith Lord.” Apparently, he’s working his way through his NetFlix queue. Here is complaining about Utah overturning its law designed to curb stock manipulation:

Tuesday night, Overstock Chief Executive Patrick Byrne compared Bramble’s about-face on the issue to a betrayal, using a reference to the movie Jerry Maguire to make his point. “It’s like that scene where Jerry McGuire figures out that a prospect’s father has sold him out by signing with a competitor. McGuire says, ‘Now. Wait. Tell me you didn’t sign. Because I’m still sort of moved by your “my word is stronger’n oak” thing,’ ” Bryne wrote in an e-mail.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

During the increasingly angry banter that followed, Ostermiller and Byrne began talking about which side of the debate had more “guts.” At some point – accounts differ who first uttered the phrase – the words “take it outside” came up. According to Jonathan Johnson, Overstock’s senior vice president for legal and corporate affairs, it was Byrne who responded: “Is that an offer?”

I really wish he had said, “You talkin’ to me?

Posted by on February 28th, 2007 at 4:00 pm

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