Carly Fiorina on CNBC

This is strange. Maria asks Carly Fiorina about the behavior of corporate boards. Yet every single part of her answer was a not-so-hidden dig at HP.

Maria: Do you think the corporate governance environment has improved in the last five years? Meaning, are directors more independent today?
Carly: Well, first I think that anything that increases the transparency and the accountability of a group’s actions is a good thing, and I think that applies to a board as well. Secondly, I think there are some common themes that define good corporate governance.
I’ve sat on many, many boards as you know. I think good boards keep their deliberations confidential (unlike what I had) but are transparent about their decisions. I think good boards deliberate in an atmosphere of calm (unlike what I had) and consider all of the points of view (unlike what I had), and strive always for unanimity (unlike what I had).
And finally, I think good boards have board members with judgment (unlike what I had) and perspective (unlike what I had) and ethics (unlike what I had), and if those three things sound kind of sound old-fashioned (ugh!), it’s because they are. There’s no silver bullet for good corporate governance. But I think in general, transparency about decisions and accountability for decisions is a good thing.

Aw, poor widdle Carly. So how’s HP’s stock doing since she left?

Posted by on June 27th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

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