David Weidner’s About-Face

There’s a very nice article in today’s WSJ by David Weidner on some of the leading financial blog sites.

These homespun sites break news, offer wit and insight that wasn’t even available a few years ago. Some have risen to the point of being must-reads on a daily basis.

Unfortunately for Mr. Weidner, Abnormal Returns remembered what he wrote four years ago:

By now you’ve heard just about all you can take about blogs. You know, the amateurish web sites that the media keeps yabbering on about, but no one actually reads.
Put your fingers in your eyes because here comes more yabber.
Wall Street blogs are sprouting up everywhere. Some are good. Some are funny. Some are boring and some, by comparison, make the stock tables in the back of the newspaper read like poetry.
When someone creates editing software that keeps bloggers from spewing what you wouldn’t bother telling your dog, that, folks, is going to be a revolution.

Posted by on February 25th, 2010 at 10:18 am

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