The Yield on the Dow

According to the Wall Street Journal, here are the indicated dividends for the 30 Dow stocks:

AT&T Corp. $1.68
Verizon $1.90
Pfizer $0.72
DuPont $1.64
Merck $1.52
Kraft Foods $1.16
Chevron Corp $2.88
Johnson & Johnson $2.16
Coca-Cola $1.76
McDonald’s $2.20
Procter & Gamble $1.93
Home Depot $0.95
Intel $0.63
Exxon-Mobil $1.76
Travelers Cos. $1.44
Caterpillar $1.76
3M $2.10
General Electric $0.40
Boeing $1.68
United Tech $1.70
Wal-Mart Stores $1.21
IBM $2.60
Microsoft $0.52
American Express $0.72
Alcoa $0.12
Walt Disney $0.35
Hewlett-Packard $0.32
J.P. Morgan Chase $0.20
Bank of America $0.04
Cisco Systems $0.00

Using some complicated math, I added all the dividends together and got $38.05. The current divisor on the Dow is 0.132319125, so dividing by the divisor comes to 287.56.
The Dow closed today at 9,870.30, so the indicated dividend yield is 287.56 divided by 9,870.30 or 2.91%. The closing yield on the 10-year Treasury (^TNX) is 2.97%.
Of course the Dow’s dividends can be cut, but you’re really not getting much for the “safety” of Treasuries.

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