Last Year’s Deletions are up 31.7%

A reader emailed to say he’d crunched the numbers:

This is just a crude analysis-

Your deletions last year averaged 31.7% in 2012, and your new adds averaged 25.06%. Both outpacing the SPX and the 2012 buy list by a good amount.

I’m thinking to mimic your 2013 adds + 2013 deletions.

Congrats on being so consistent!

Perhaps someone could make an ETF out of my Buy List deletions.

But seriously, most of that 31.7% gain is due to Gilead Sciences which had an amazing year. I should add that I’m breaking a rule I often advise investors to follow — don’t worry about what stocks do after you sell them. It doesn’t do you any good. So I’ll just pretend that I’m ignoring Gilead.

In other news, last year Eric Jackson at Forbes collected some market picks for 2012. Mine have held up fairly well.

Top Long: Hudson City Bancorp, HCBK
Top Short: Starbucks, SBUX
YE S&P Target: 1,450

The S&P 500 is currently at 1,426 so I wasn’t too far off. Hudson City is up 29% for the year and that doesn’t include a generous dividend. Starbucks, however, is up about 17% for the year which is pretty good.

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