AFLAC’s 2013 Outlook

From the earnings call, here’s AFLAC‘s ($AFL) outlook for this year (I think Seeking Alpha’s transcription is rather muffled, but you can follow what they’re saying):

Lastly, let me comment on the earnings outlook for 2013. As you’ve heard Dan say, we’ve affirmed our guidance for 2013 of 4% to 7% increase in operating earnings per diluted share, excluding the impact of the yen. To understand the significant our 2013 EPS objective over 2012 actual results winning to this perspective for you.

In 2012, we received tax benefit from our tax exempt for the years 2008 and 2009, and we’ve made a revision for the full year impact of tax effective tax rate. The unusual benefits received in 2012 totaled approximately $38 or $0.08 per share. We also recovered a previously written-off coupon as part of the sales transaction executed during the year that resulted in a one-time benefit to operating earnings of $23 million, or $0.05 per share. If you exclude the impact of these benefits from the 2012 operating earnings note, operating earnings per diluted share in sale would have been $6.47.

This year we estimate that a one yen move on the average annual exchange rate will equal approximately $4.3 for diluted share. Considering the weakening of the yen in recent months, if we achieve our objective of 4% to 7% increase in operating earnings per diluted share for the year at yen averages 90 for the full year, we would expect operating EPS to be in the range of $6.37 to $6.57 per diluted share.

The yen is currently at 93.345 to the dollar.

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