George Acs on BBBY (and Us)

George Acs, one of my favorite Twitter follows, said some very nice things about Crossing Wall Street:

If you follow Crossing Wall Street, you know that its founder, Eddy Elfenbein, is one of the most transparent stock pickers out there and one of the most credible.

He is a true buy and hold investor and his new ETF, AdvisorShares Focused Equity ETF (NYSEARCA:CWS) is based upon his annual buy list that has had a long term record of market out-performance.

While for many Bill Miller is the name that pops up when thinking long term out-performance, I think of Eddy. He is also a great Twitter follow because he is funny, self-effacing and shares relevant data and facts more readily than anyone I’ve ever seen, read or heard.

I believe that in an era where quantitative easing is no longer in effect and thereby no longer indiscriminately propping up most everything, true diligence will make the difference between one stock picker and the next.

You just don’t get more diligent than Eddy Elfenbein.

This year’s buy list has been released and Bed Bath and Beyond is no longer a part. Elfenbein describes it as one of the most frustrating stocks that he has owned and I continue to feel that pain.

But following this past week’s washout of an earnings report, I’m taking another look, but unlike Elfenbein, for whom diligent stock picking validates a buy and hold strategy, I have only short term interest in adding those shares and no interest in doing my due diligence.

For me, all the due diligence that I needed was seeing that its shortfall in earnings was less than the 20% off they offer on any single item with their frequent coupon mailings to my home.

I do see some continued downside risk, perhaps to the $39 level, but I would be very happy to see Bed Bath and Beyond shares tread water for a while as I would seek to serially sell call options on those shares at the $40-$42 level.

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