Fascinating Cerner Article

Elise Reuter at the Kansas City Business Journal takes a look at Cerner (CERN). Here’s a sample:

As Cerner Corp. grows its data footprint, it also bolsters its defenses. The North Kansas City-based health IT company manages about 200 petabytes of data — about 100 times the combined data of all U.S. academic research libraries.

Of course, all of this data has to be stored somewhere secure. Cerner operates three data centers throughout the U.S., each with large server rooms. Two are in the Kansas City area, encapsulated within thick concrete walls and numerous security checkpoints

A cabled fence capable of stopping a 15,000-pound truck surrounds the perimeter. Cars and employees must enter one at a time, allowing the company to keep a close watch on who comes and goes.

Chief Information Officer Bill Graff described the server room itself as a “building in a building,” with 16 to 24 inches of concrete protecting it from tornadoes and other natural disasters.

“Hopefully, it can withstand any sort of tornado that may pop up over the hill here,” he added.

Within this concrete shell, a team of Cerner’s most tenured associates runs its 24/7 immediate response center. Next to posters for the Kansas City Royals, a host of monitors lets them track Cerner’s global network infrastructure.

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