Atrion (ATRI)

Here’s the latest in our never-ending series of great companies no one knows about. Please meet Atrion (ATRI).

The company has a grand total of 1.8 million shares outstanding. The current share price is $459 so that gives them a market value of $826 million. On average, ATRI trades about 5,000 shares each day. That’s very low.

From their website, Atrion describe themselves as:

Atrion Corporation is a leading supplier of medical devices and components to niche markets in the health care and medical industry. Atrion’s proprietary products, ranging from cardiovascular and ophthalmology products to fluid delivery devices, are sold to end-users, distributors and other manufacturers worldwide. As a developer and manufacturer of a diverse range of products, Atrion stays on the forefront of technology and manufacturing with products that meet the needs of its targeted markets.

Now for the money shot. Here’s the stock’s history.

The stock rose from just over $4 per share in 1989 to $459 today, and that’s down from a high of $522 a few weeks ago.

The stock has actually been a little more impressive than its price gain indicates because ATRI has often paid a dividend. By my estimate, ATRI has averaged 20% per year since 1990.

Not one analyst follows it.

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