Moog Earns 83 Cents Per Share

Moog ($MOG-A) just reported earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter of 83 cents per share, ten cents more than Wall Street’s forecast.

For all of 2011, Moog earned $2.95 per share. For 2012, the company sees sales increasing by 8% to $2.52 billion and EPS rising 12% to $3.31. Wall Street had been expecting $3.25 per share.

Moog Inc. announced today fiscal year 2011 sales of $2.33 billion, up 10%. Net earnings were $136 million and earnings per share of $2.95 were up 26% and 25%, respectively compared to last year.

For the fourth quarter, sales of $619 million were up 8% from last year. Net earnings were $38 million, up 18%, and earnings per share of $.83 were 17% higher than last year.

Aircraft sales for the year were $851 million, up 12% from the year previous, driven by very strong military and commercial aftermarket sales. Military sales were $498 million with sales on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, V-22 tilt rotor and the Blackhawk helicopter mostly unchanged. Military aftermarket sales were $204 million, a Company record. Commercial aircraft sales for the year of $314 million were 20% higher on stronger sales to Boeing and Airbus. Sales to business jet manufacturers were $33 million, a 24% improvement. Commercial aftermarket revenues of $100 million were 21% higher than a year ago. The Company’s navigation aids product line had sales of $38 million.

In the fourth quarter, Aircraft sales of $228 million were up 13% from the same quarter last year. Military aircraft sales were up 13%, once again the result of higher sales in the aftermarket. Commercial aircraft revenues in the quarter of $81 million were 10% higher. Boeing Commercial revenues were flat while revenues for products sold to business jet manufacturers were slightly higher. Sales to Airbus increased 36% as production increased on existing Airbus programs.

The Space and Defense segment had another strong year. Sales of $356 million were up 9%. Sales of controls on tactical missiles, at $66 million, were up 39% and offset lower sales on satellites. Deliveries for the Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE) system were about equal to last year. Security and surveillance product sales were up $21 million, helped by the 2010 Pieper acquisition. Sales to NASA on the Space Launch System and Crew Launch Vehicle development programs were up $10 million to a total of $28 million.

Space and Defense fourth quarter sales were up only slightly from a year ago at $93 million. The growth was mainly driven by NASA programs and security and surveillance products.

Sales for the year in the Industrial Systems segment were $629 million, a 15% increase. Capital equipment market sales were higher, reflecting strong demand for plastics machine controls, metal forming press controls and specialized test equipment. Sales of simulator motion systems were $69 million, up 43%. Wind energy sales, at $132 million, were lower than last year reflecting reduced demand from turbine manufacturers in China.

Industrial sales in the fourth quarter of $173 million were up 8%. Capital equipment sales were up 28% to $52 million and wind energy sales were $39 million.

Components Group sales for the year of $353 million, and for the fourth quarter of $89 million, were slightly lower than last year. Growth in marine, medical and industrial markets offset the weaker military aircraft and space and defense markets. Animatics, a third quarter 2011 acquisition, added $5 million in sales to the year.

The Medical Devices segment generated sales of $142 million, up 12% from last year. The segment showed significantly improved sales in the second half of the year. For the quarter, sales in Medical Devices of $37 million were up 18% from a year ago.

Year-end backlog of $1.3 billion was up $144 million, or 12%, from a year ago.

The Company updated its guidance for fiscal 2012. The current forecast has sales increasing 8% to $2.52 billion, net earnings of $152 million and earnings per share of $3.31, a 12% increase over fiscal 2011.

Fiscal 2011 was another great year for our company,” said R.T. Brady, Chairman and CEO. “Strong sales growth produced even stronger earnings growth. Many good things are happening. Airplanes that we’ve worked on for years are moving into production. NASA now has a plan. The recovery in our industrial markets continues and our medical business is back on track. We look forward to an even stronger 2012.”

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