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World’s Simplest Stock Valuation Measure

Equity Versus Assets

Why Return-On-Equity Is So Important

Investing Is a Bottom-Up Activity

Personal Finance 101

The Elfenbein Theory to Explain the Entire Stock Market

What if the Stock Market Were a Bond?

Your Handy Guide to Stock Orders

Let’s Make Our Own Hypothetical Stock Market

The Single-Best Metric: EV/EBITDA

Tips on Spotting Financial Fraud

How Not to Get Screwed on Your Mortgage

My Simple Rule for Government Financing


Deep Truths about the Markets and Investing

So What if We Had a Flat Tax?

Why the Dow 36,000 Argument Doesn’t Work

Spies and Finance

My Thoughts on Competitive Advantage

The Strange Death of American Capitalism

Gold and Silver

A Possible Model for the Price of Gold

The Gold Model Revisited

Silver — The Poor Man’s Gold

The Attraction of Gold

The First Black Friday


Jesse Livermore: The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived

The Mind of Jeffrey Gundlach

Sir John Templeton: The Last Yankee

Jack Dreyfus: The People’s Broker

David Einhorn: Scalpel Man

Citizen Pittman

Peter F. Drucker 1909-2005

RIP: David Rockefeller

Tennessee Celeste Claflin: Wall Street Trailblazer or Scam Artist?

Book Review: When the Wolves Bite


Interview With The Motley Fool’s Brian Richards

My Keynote Address

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